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UPDATE: Sadly, PNW LNG decided to cancel this project on June 25, 2017. 

About the project

When completed, the $11 billion dollar PNW LNG project near Prince Rupert B.C., will become one of Canada’s largest LNG plants.  As of July 2016, it is still waiting for approval from the federal government.

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Why it matters

The LNG facility would create up to 4,500 construction jobs at peak activity, up to 330 long term careers operating the facility, and an estimated 300 local spin-off jobs would be created to service and maintain the facility.

Once in operation, Pacific NorthWest LNG would contribute more than $1 billion annually to federal, provincial and municipal governments in various taxes and royalties.

What you can do

UPDATE (September 27, 2016): The federal government has approved PNW LNG! 

Let’s make sure MPs in Ottawa know that we recognize they have done the right thing in approving the Pacific North West LNG project in northern British Columbia. Canadians who care about both the economy and the environment know that this puts us on the best path forward.

Please take a moment to:

  • Phone or drop a note to your Member of Parliament.
  • Direct that message to a key cabinet member – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna, Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (keep it short and to the point)
  • Find PCA in social media (@PCACanada on Twitter, in Facebook) and share our messages that are already in place
  • Share this action guide with your friends, family and colleagues.

Here are some suggested talking points:

  • LNG is our best option to keep our industry healthy, leading to good jobs and strong communities.
  • Climate change is a real problem. Developing LNG is a responsible policy that recognizes the need to act.
  • Having a healthy Canadian natural gas industry means we won’t have to pay to import American natural gas in future, which is a real threat given current trends.
  • I  support this project because it is creating the opportunities First Nations are asking for to become fuller participants in the economic life of the nation.
  • Canadian environmental standards are second to none. Our commitment to climate action is right where it should be. The Pacific North West LNG project will produce the world’s cleanest LNG (this article explains that claim).
  • Thousands of jobs will result from this investment, helping to secure Canadian prosperity for a generation to come.

Taking a moment for this from your busy day will make a real difference. Please act now!

(h/t Resource Works)


PCA has made a submission to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency (CEAA).  You can see PCA’s letter of support for the project here.

PCA also encouraged our members to send letters of support prior to the March 2016 deadline.  You can see our action letter here.

The latest action opportunity is through PCA’s industry association partner, ICBA, who have an email template you can fill out and send to various federal elected officials, including the Prime Minister, showing your support for the project.  Please click here to go to ICBA’s website.