Enbridge Line3 Replacement Project


About the project

Enbridge’s Line 3 Replacement Project (L3RP) is a $7.5 Billion dollar investment – the largest in company history.  All told, Line 3 will fully replace 1,031 miles (1,660 kilometres) of the original Line 3 with new pipeline and associated facilities on either side of the Canada-U.S. international border – from Hardistry, Alberta to Superior, Wisconsin.


Why the project matters

The L3RP will generate 25,900 temporary and full time jobs in Canada, resulting in $1.828 billion in labour income.

During the construction phase alone, $514 million will be generated in tax revenue.

The total benefit of the design and construction phase of L3RP will be a $2.873 billion contribution to Canada’s GDP.

Lastly, but not least, is the fact that the upgraded pipeline will ensure that Canadian oil is transported abroad in the safest manner possible far into the future.

What you can do

PCA has acted as an intervenor on behalf of L3RP to the NEB.  You can find PCA’s submission here.

However, the Natural Resources Canada is asking for public input into the project by way of a survey.  Please take the time to complete the survey by September 15, 2016 by clicking this link.